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Packaging Design

From corporate sales brochures, magazines and financial year end reports. Whatever the size you require we are more than capable of coping with your needs.

…good things come in many-sized packages. Food, beverage, ice cream, wine, cosmetics; no matter the industry, a handsome package is a long-term investment into selling your product and getting where you want to go.

So, you’ve got a great product and your brand is doing it’s job; telling everyone how great your company is. Before going to market there is one final element that needs attention… the Product Packaging.

Fulfilling 3 main functions, the packaging must be 1. protect and contain the product – keeping it in pristine condition until the customer unboxes it. 2. it must communicate the brand and show off the product. This is done through appealing, informative graphics, well-written copy, and a clever choice of materials, colours and textures.

Finally, it should be engineered to have minimum impact on the environment. Either it uses as little resource as possible, it is so well built and useful that customers keep it, or it is recyclable and can be disposed of harmlessly.

Whether you shout loudly or whisper seductively, effectively communicating your product will increase your chances of selling more. Extra functions or secondary uses can give you a compelling marketing story and reasons for your customers to choose your product. Policy and legislation is changing in line with consumers demand for less packaging waste. We can help you profit by being ahead of this curve.

  • Increase shelf impact
  • Add value to your product
  • Reduce cost and waste

There is never a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure your customer isn’t put off by the product packaging.

Think Coca Cola, think Nike. How strong a brand are they? Do you know of anyone who does not recognise their business logo? It all would have started somewhere. This is where your journey starts too. Make sure your business makes the right first impression and sets itself apart from the competition. Click here for more.
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Whatever your objective, we will work with you to power your brand —on-time, under budget and beyond expectations – with every order. Click here for more.

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