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Social Media Management

At Creative Edge we have a renowned and award winning team of professional social media marketing experts. Based in Cambridgeshire we have extensive experience across all mainstream social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We will help you with designing a digital marketing strategy including what to post, where and to whom to post too and then time to post it. We provide a full service social media marketing stratergy.

We’ll create relevant and engaging content accompanied by some inspired graphic design to put you front and centre. We’ll also determine the best route to professionally market, based on your goals. We’ll help create custom audiences that are ready and willing to interact with you.

The best placement of your ads is determined by identifying your correct audience by clever use of correct budgeting and correct scheduling. All this then needs to be constantly analysed to create the most effective advertising campaign . We can even assist in conversion tracking. That’s the business of continuing to track where the customer is going and doing once they have finished interacting with you on your social media platform.

Professional Social Media Marketing is quite an art, but maximizing your social media budget is what we do. Gain a clear advantage by calling us today!

    Our Services

    Facebook Campaigns

    One of the best and most effective ways to reach new audiences is using Facebook. Social media is taking businesses by storm, and we will utilise that using creative campaigns to target new demographics to help support you and your business.

    Facebook Ads

    By using the Ads feature within Facebook, we support our creative campaigns with boosted content, allowing your content to be seen by a larger audience. From lead generation to website clicks, catalogue sales to engagement, we can help you reach your objectives through the use of social media. 

    Community Management

    On top of creating and distributing social content, we also supervise with community management. We ensure that your audience is being engaged with, comments are replied to and messages are relayed to the correct person of interest. We fully commit to help manage your social media and going above and beyond your client’s expectations.

    Instagram Campaigns

    Facebook isn’t the only social media that receives a large volume of visitors every day, Instagram is also massively popular. We are keen and passionate about creating beautiful Instagram feeds, producing engaging posts and even delivering the Facebook campaigns across to Instagram to reach even more potential clients. 

    Issue Escalation

    Social media doesn’t always run smoothly, and we like to make sure all clients and potential customers are happy, but we’re not always equipped to reply when there’s a problem. When this happens, we have an issue escalation process in place to ensure the correct management/authoritative figure is alerted whenever an issue arises.

    Social Reporting

    We’ve created social campaigns for you, the likes are flooding in and you’ve received an increase in web traffic. This is a typical and likely scenario, but how do you know what our marketing strategy is doing? Well, every quarter, we provide a full run-down on the peaks and troughs of social media, showing you what is working well for you as a business.

    Areas we serve

    As a company Creative Edge has been spreading its wings. Although we generally serve the local community such as Huntingdon, Cambridge and Peterborough our net spreads further afield to cover towns in the West like Northampton and Kettering, to the South - Letchworth, Bedford and Luton all the way down to Brighton. Over to Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Kings Lynn and beyond in the East and also to the North as far as Aberdeen! We even have some great clients in Auckland the other side of the world in New Zealand, due to our deep rooted history dealing with the motor industry.

    If you are looking for an open and honest, hard working agency to help you with your next project then we would love to hear from you.

    Get In Touch

    Can you take care of everything for me - logo, branding, print and web?
    When it comes to design, the answer is certainly yes. From the design of your logo, brand, web site design to anything this could be applied to print and online marketing. We're here to take care of the whole lot for you.
    I need a quick turn around can you get the job done quickly?
    Creative Edge will always do whatever we can to ensure we meet your deadline, we've been going for 15 years and we've certainly not missed one yet!
    What happens if i don't like the designs you produce?
    Of course it is very important to us that you are happy with the work we provide to you. Therefore our briefing process ensures that cases like this are extremely rare, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the work we will revisit the brief with you, check we are both happy with it and ensure that all problems with the work are resolved.
    Do I own my domain name?
    If you bought your own domain name, you own it. On the other hand if a domain name has been bought by Creative Edge on your behalf, it will be within our account so we can easily administer it for you. As a result we are more than happy to update the registrant information to your contact details or transfer it to a provider of your choice free of charge at any point.
    Do you do SEO?
    Yes we do, we carry out essential SEO on the initial build of websites and more advanced optimisation can be carried out upon request.
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