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Web Development With Purpose

To get a Web Development project up and running takes 5 minutes these days. Building a site that brings people to your door is something completely different. Pretty pictures is easy but content is king.

It doesn’t matter how technically brilliant or sexy your graphics are, you need much more behind it to make it work. It’s like buying a car. It might look like a Ferrari on the outside but if you have a broken down old engine under the bonnet you won’t be going anywhere in it.

A website is the same. Our team of dedicated professional Web Designers based in Cambridgeshire have years of experience behind them can create truly engaging websites designed specifically to not only look like a Ferrari but make it easy for Google to find and index too.

Correct use of keywords and back end search engine optimisation allows your website to rank well on agreed search terms helping to deliver a website that not only looks the part but also allows your future customers to find you easily.

For the technical ones amongst you, whatever your web development needs we can code in PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, C#, JavaScript, .NET, and SCSS.

It’s no good having a website if it is left to gather dust dozens, if not hundreds, of pages down inside Google’s ever growing list of “also rans”. But let’s not be pessimistic that’s our job – to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders. Leaving you free to get on with the business of making money.

 Get in touch with us today for a super easy and super friendly website build process and let us create you a website that not only looks like a million dollars but also out performs your competitors.

Our Services

Wordpress Development

We design every project we do by incorporating it with a genuine user experience, complete with custom plug-ins to create cutting-edge websites. Here at Creative Edge we have a skilled Word Press development team that will be with you every step of the way to design your website. Bringing it to life and providing a brand ambassador to your business, showcasing everything that makes your business so great.

Responsive Websites

It’s a standard here to create consistent and coherent adaptable websites, serving the most advantageous and optimal experiences across all devices from mobile phones to PCs. We develop websites that will easily perform across all distinctive devices and will enahnce your online presence and generate online sales.

Mobile Development

Mobiles have paved the way to a newer world and has changed the way users interact with websites. With mobiles being in hand, the internet usage has increased on mobiles dramatically. We develop mobile-friendly experiences, flawless designs & achieving flexible websites that are truly responsive and fit in any screen size without any problem.

Custom Web Development

Customisation is a tough and intricate process. What it needs to succeed is correct research and the understanding of cutting-edge tools to comply with industry standards. We can integrate complex systems and other external applications  as well as other web feeds to ‘virtually’ connect with each other. This new functionality will help boost business and give you the competitive edge.

Search Engine Optimisation

Although SEO is about getting you ranked No.1 in Google’s search results, it’s also about understanding how to stay there. Google is constantly changing its own rules to make sure it is delivering those right results and it is our job to always follow suit. Our proven SEO approach helps to convert visitors into leads and customers that return.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps in analysing our customers needs and how they behavior on their website. At Creative Edge, we optimize your content in order to get maximum visitors, generate more leads and help your business stay on track for success, through increase in relevant search traffic that will ultimately convert into sales.

Areas we serve

As a company Creative Edge has been spreading its wings. Although we generally serve the local community such as Huntingdon, Cambridge and Peterborough our net spreads further afield to cover towns in the West like Northampton and Kettering, to the South - Letchworth, Bedford and Luton all the way down to Brighton. Over to Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Kings Lynn and beyond in the East and also to the North as far as Aberdeen! We even have some great clients in Auckland the other side of the world in New Zealand, due to our deep rooted history dealing with the motor industry.

If you are looking for an open and honest, hard working agency to help you with your next project then we would love to hear from you.

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Can you take care of everything for me - logo, branding, print and web?
When it comes to design, the answer is certainly yes. From the design of your logo, brand, web site design to anything this could be applied to print and online marketing. We're here to take care of the whole lot for you.
I need a quick turn around can you get the job done quickly?
Creative Edge will always do whatever we can to ensure we meet your deadline, we've been going for 15 years and we've certainly not missed one yet!
What happens if i don't like the designs you produce?
Of course it is very important to us that you are happy with the work we provide to you. Therefore our briefing process ensures that cases like this are extremely rare, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the work we will revisit the brief with you, check we are both happy with it and ensure that all problems with the work are resolved.
Do I own my domain name?
If you bought your own domain name, you own it. On the other hand if a domain name has been bought by Creative Edge on your behalf, it will be within our account so we can easily administer it for you. As a result we are more than happy to update the registrant information to your contact details or transfer it to a provider of your choice free of charge at any point.
Do you do SEO?
Yes we do, we carry out essential SEO on the initial build of websites and more advanced optimisation can be carried out upon request.
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